This event has been postponed. More details shortly.

About the Social impact for business event series

The business community is increasingly aware of its power and responsibility to help solve the world’s many complex challenges. Leaders around the world are speaking out about the need for responsible business practices, driven by purpose along with profit. While many say they are committing to making a difference, very few have a plan for making it happen.

NPC is launching a series of breakfast events on Social impact for business, to help organisations go from acknowledging responsibility to achieving greater impact. In the first of this series, we’ll be focusing specifically on developing effective strategies for impact. Later in the series we’ll be exploring best practice approaches to measuring, reporting and communicating impact.

About event 3: Reporting and communicating

Evidence shows that customers and employees are increasingly interested in corporates’ social impact credentials. But they are also concerned about ‘greenwashing’. How can you cut through this and communicate the good work you are doing? Join us on 17th June to discuss how to talk about your social impact in a compelling and credible way.

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