About this event

As a result of the UK leaving the EU, European citizens and their families living in the UK have been required to apply for ‘Settled Status’ to secure their right to stay in the UK after Brexit. Despite the government’s intention to create a fairly simple and accessible online application system to help people secure their status, many people have required support to apply. Although around 3.8 million EU citizens have already applied, there are serious concerns that specific vulnerable groups might miss the deadline (which is scheduled for 30 June 2021) and, as a result, become illegal in the country. This would mean they would no longer have access to national health services, benefits, employment and accommodation and may be liable for detention and removal.

The Transition Advice Fund is currently in its last year of operations and, as part of its legacy, we are holding a series of webinars to share learning and promote discussion around aspects of the EU settlement scheme that remain problematic and might need more work going forward.

The second webinar in the series will explore the broader impact of EUSS scheme on EU workers, particularly in those sectors where EU citizens are highly represented (such as the care sector, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.). We will hear from a representative from a Trade Union what the key sector concerns are in terms EU workers failing to apply for settled status. We will also hear from Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) about the findings of a new piece of research which has looked into the impact of the EUSS on care workers. Finally, we will hear from Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) about issues they have identified in relation to the EUSS and risk of exploitation.

We want to explore three key questions:

  • How is the EU settlement scheme impacting EU workers and which are most impacted sectors?
  • What are the challenges facing particular group of workers, and in particular care workers?
  • What are the key issues in relation to the EU settlement scheme and the risk of exploitation?

About TAF: In 2018, NPC in partnership with a group of funders – Unbound Philanthropy, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, the Legal Education Foundation – established the Transition Advice Fund (TAF) a pool fund designed to help civil society organisations identify and shine a light on emerging issues, gather evidence and build a strong campaigning case in support of Eu citizens’ right throughout the Eu settlement scheme. Open Society Foundation joined the fund in 2020.

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