About this event

More businesses and social enterprises are thinking about how they can contribute to society in both their mainstream business and their corporate social responsibility work. At the same time, charities are increasingly looking to the private sector to increase both their resources and their impact. There is therefore appetite for charities and corporates to work together more.

But we need to have a transformation in these partnerships so they can help them to make the biggest difference. Charities should be considering how private companies can help them to deliver their outcomes. Businesses should be looking at charities not just as grant recipients, but as ways to change their businesses and to use their skills and influence to do more social good. NPC’s research on Impactful Corporate Charity partnerships found that in order to be more impactful these partnerships needed to: establish an equal relationship, think beyond CSR, design effective volunteering, involve more partners, and measure impact on both sides.

At this event, NPC will explore what it means to think beyond CSR and highlight examples of how charities and corporates have already done this. Speakers include: