About this event

We know that the homelessness, criminal justice and health systems often don’t work for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. As part of the Fulfilling Lives LSL research partnership, NPC has worked with people with lived and learned experience to build an understanding of what influences the recovery journeys of adults experiencing multiple disadvantage in Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham.

We have used this insight to develop a system’s map of factors that influence the support available to people. Including factors around the experience of services, the underlying drivers shaping this, and opportunities for change.

At this event:

  • Hear about why systems mapping is valuable
  • Understand the process that we used to map this particular system (barriers which people experiencing multiple disadvantage faces when accessing support)
  • Have an opportunity to explore the map
  • Hear the key findings from the mapping process
  • Understand how we have used these findings to support wider research.

Speakers include: NPC’s Katie Boswell, Associate Director of Strategy and Leadership, Margery Infield, Senior Consultant, and Abigail Rose, Consultant.


Fulfilling Lives Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham is a programme funded by The National Lottery Community Fund to provide support to people experiencing multiple disadvantage and to test new ways of ensuring individuals receive joined up and person-led services which work for them.

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