About this event

COVID-19 and the response to the pandemic has both illustrated and exacerbated the inequality of health outcomes amongst different groups in society.

We have long known of the complicated interrelation between social and economic factors and health, and many charities and funders work implicitly or explicitly to address these.

Following the publication of The Health Foundation’s COVID-19 impact inquiry on 6 July, this event will ask:

  • What are the likely long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the nation’s health, and how have these burdens fallen across society so far?
  • Have charities been active enough in working to address unequal health impacts through the wider determinants of health, prior to and throughout the pandemic?
  • How can the social sector begin narrowing this health inequality for the long term by putting people first and prioritising the wider determinants of health?
  • How can charities beyond the traditional health sector work together to address health inequalities?

Speakers include: Fozia Irfan, Advisory group member, COVID-19 impact inquiry and Director of Children and Young People at Children in Need, Polly Neate, CEO, Shelter,  Alison Page, Chief Executive, Salford CVS and Dave Finch, Assistant Director in the Healthy Lives team, Health Foundation.

This event is run in partnership with The Health Foundation.