About this event

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a fresh light on the complex, interconnected nature of our world and our systems. It initiated new cross-sector collaborations, sparked fresh conversations about systemic inequalities and injustices, opened up spaces for deeper reflection and caused many in the UK charity sector to ask how it can be better at affecting system change.

NPC has launched a new programme of work which is asking these questions and convening stakeholders to explore some possible answers. But we are also aware that working more systemically may require new skills and tools. To that end, we are offering a series of workshops that will introduce participants to:

Workshop 1) Systems thinking core concepts

Workshop 2) Systems mapping and analysis

Workshop 3) Developing your capacity for systems change

These are introductory sessions designed to be accessible to anyone. Hosted by NPC’s, Principal of Systems Change, Seth Reynolds, they will be interactive and practical sessions that, whilst introducing participants to core systems concepts, tools and frameworks, will ultimately be focused on application and improving systems practice in the sector.

Workshop 2:

The second of three sessions will be an introduction to systems mapping tools, how to engage stakeholders on co-creating systems map and how to analyse maps to help identify points of intervention for systems change, including: 

  • Why map?
  • Four kinds of systems maps: cluster, multiple cause, causal loop, stakeholder map
  • Map analysis