Reviewing and improving your charity’s strategy

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Event Organiser: Leanne Bennett
NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL

This one-day workshop is designed to help you think about key strategic issues in your organisation, whatever your size or mission.


This session is for decision-makers who want to review and develop aspects of their charity’s strategy—whether refreshing your mission, undertaking an internal review, analysing strategic options, or confronting the challenges of an uncertain funding landscape.

Strategy comes in many forms, but essentially it’s a story that makes sense of your situation and guides action. The strategy process should provide answers to key questions such as: What is the situation? Why has it come about? How can you address it?

The session takes you through our strategy approach, helping you think about your own organisation (what you aim to achieve, what you are good at and where could you improve); your corner of the ‘market’ (the competitive environment, including what others are up to, who you could collaborate with); and how the external environment could affect you (changes in policy and in people’s needs). We place our strategy triangle at the heart of this process, shown below.

Our approach borrows and learns from consultancy theory and models, but also acknowledges that charities have a unique take on society. And so we embrace the best of both worlds, using tools adapted for the sector to consider each component part.

We touch on theory of change, impact measurement and charity analysis—subjects discussed in greater detail in specific training sessions, but put into context here to provide a complete set of NPC tools for you to use.

In essence, this training promises the high-level discussion of good ideas and practical advice. It will ask basic questions to help you focus on elements critical to your success, consider different scenarios and frame constructive internal debates about what your charity needs to do to maximise its effectiveness and help beneficiaries in the best way.

With a group size of no more than 15, the workshop will be interactive and hands-on. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

A very helpful overview of strategy setting – full of tips and techniques NPC's strategy triangle image


  • Plan your strategy process to ensure engagement by stakeholders;
  • Pin down what you want your charity to achieve and plan how to go about it;
  • Assess the resources and competencies at your disposal;
  • Analyse the need and the competitive environment; and
  • Understand which tools can be used at what stage to help strategic decision making.


The training is particularly relevant for senior staff involved in refining, reviewing or developing their charity’s strategy.

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This training is based on our strategic advice services and draws on a number of NPC reports—from theory of change and impact measurement to charity analysis.


The Venue

NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL
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