The digital director

Price: From £295
Event Organiser: Rebecca Goodbourn
NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL

A one day workshop which demystifies the digital world and enables participants to understand their own digital presence, impact and responsibilities.


Thinking ‘digitally’ is something that we all need to learn to do, because unless you are completely disconnected from the internet and digital media, it is how we now navigate much of modern world. Digital thinking is a literacy, as is writing, reading and numeracy, and is the key to proactively managing all organisations—government, commercial and not for profit.

With a group of no more than 15 we focus on the practical aspects of digital literacy, from the most basic including social media, to the more complex themes of artificial intelligence and their potential impact on modern society over the next decade. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Participating in this workshop will help you to:

  • contextualise modern digital technologies within a broader social and policy context;
  • appreciate the trajectory of technical change that has occurred over the past half-century, whilst considering some possible futures which may emerge;
  • understand your own personal presence in the online environment; and
  • develop and articulate your own personal digital brand.


Despite the fact that most people do already interact with digital technologies we assume no particular skills or expertise. All that we ask for is an open mind and the willingness to ask the seemingly ‘dumb questions’ and experiment by playing with the technologies in an open and collaborative environment. This workshop is aimed at you as an individual, regardless of the role you play in your organisation, but we aim to help you develop some tools that will help make you a better digital leader.


The training is delivered by Anni Rowland-Campbell who has many years of experience working in the digital space, as both a researcher and and educator. Anni has been writing about digital literacies for a number of years in her blog.


There is no prior reading required, but we would like you to come along prepared to present your ‘digital profile’ to the group.


We are also holding the same workshop on 10 February. If you can’t make this either, email our events team to register your interest in future sessions.

The Venue

NPC, 185 Park Street, London, SE1 9BL
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