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NPC Labs

NPC Labs is our open innovation space for sharing our ideas, experiments and project development.

NPC Labs is our drawing board for digital and data projects. A place where we can share what we’re thinking about and debate new ideas. It’s a way for us to share what we’re learning from doing collaborative digital and data projects as we go, so others can build on them, learn from our mistakes, give feedback and improve where we are heading.


Open innovation and digital thinking

To build a better charity sector we need to work together. So for digital and data projects at NPC we’re trying out a radical new approach. Instead of developing programmes on our own, we’re openly sharing all our ideas for the sector, no matter what stage they’re at. We hope this will help us build the cross-sector community and momentum we need to tackle the biggest challenges facing our sector.

Being open isn’t just about broadcasting what we’re doing, it’s about listening too. So have a look through, suggest more ideas, tell us what you think and, if there’s something you’re interested in teaming up on, get in touch.


Finding digital solutions to the challenges young people face

Our first project with NPC Labs is a joint effort with the Mix, UK Youth, and Leap to develop a digital tool to help young people overcome barriers to accessing services. This builds on the work we did in 2018, called My Best Life, which found that many young people either didn’t know help was available, couldn’t find it, or didn’t feel it was aimed at them.

We’re now moving into the first stages of designing, prototyping and testing and want to invite you with us on the journey. So we’re using NPC Labs to be open about the questions we’re grappling with like “should we build an app?”, how we move our research process from thinking to doing or how we define and choose a user group. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so join in the discussion over at NPC Labs.

To team up on building better digital solutions for young people, contact us.