Transition Advice Fund

The Transition Advice Fund (TAF) aims to ensure that everyone who is eligible can secure their right to settled status—particularly those who need help to navigate the process or who risk failing to secure the status.

European citizens and their families currently living in the UK will need to apply for‘Settled Status’ to secure their right to stay here once Britain has left the EU. The government’s goal has been to create a simple and accessible online system to help people secure their status, but many will need support. If even 5% of those eligible do not apply, 175,000 people will be left without legal status.

We want to build the capacity of the voluntary sector to support people who need this sort of help, including: children and young people; carers; people with disability, long-term physical ill-health or mental health problems; people who have experienced domestic violence or trafficking; those with poor English language skills or who face digital exclusion; and people in care homes.

Who’s involved and how it works

The TAF is a fund established by Unbound Philanthropy, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust and the Legal Education Foundation, who bring their combined experience of the migration and legal education space. NPC manages the TAF day-to-day, bringing expertise in strategic philanthropy and policy-engaged funding. An advisory panel involving the founder funders and other experts sets the strategy, defines our eligibility criteria, and oversees grant-making decisions.

Decisions on grants are made by a grant panel of the contributing funders on a roughly six-weekly basis. In exceptional cases—for example, for extremely urgent pieces of work, or for projects by organisations already funded by the TAF—decisions may occasionally be made by email outside of the regular grant panel cycle. NPC scrutinises proposals and conducts due diligence into all organisations funded by the TAF.

For more information, to submit a proposal, or to discuss contributing to the fund please write to

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