KL Felicitas Foundation

The challenge

Our support for the pioneering founders of the KL Felicitas Foundation (KLF), Charly and Lisa Kleissner, is one example of the ground-breaking work we continue to do in social investment. The Kleissners asked NPC to review the social and environmental impact created by their investments.

The approach

Our Investing for impact report outlined lessons learnt and shared the tools used to measure the social returns. Among these is a new framework—NPC’s Impact Assurance Classification—which is a starting point for comparing the quality of impact practice across asset classes and sectors. We also drew on existing frameworks and tools, such as those developed by the G8 Social Investment Taskforce, IRIS and Nesta.

The result

This review showed for the first time that impact investors can measure the non-financial good they achieve through their investment portfolio.

Putting thinking about measurement into practice, NPC and the KL Felicitas Foundation deliver in this report valuable guidance on how to approach the measurement of a whole portfolio’s impact. Well done on another step forward.

Sir Ronald Cohen
Chair of the UK’s Social Impact Investment Taskforce between 2013 and 2015,