Maddox Group of NHS Charities collaborates with Inspiring Impact to better understand their impact

NPC and Inspiring ImpactThe NHS saw its 69th birthday this week, though it continues to struggle with effective allocation of resources, both in times of extreme pressure and throughout the rest of the year.

Charities have a vital role to play in helping the NHS run smoothly and meet its goals. To this end, as part of NPC’s work for Inspiring Impact we are working with the Maddox Group, a group of some of the largest NHS Charities, to develop a set of tools and approaches that will help these charities understand and improve their impact. NHS Charities exist to receive charitable donations and use them to support the work of hospital staff and to improve patient experiences at hospitals.

NHS Charities do everything from providing state-of-the-art hospital equipment to funding art projects that improve hospital environments and patient well-being. Our joint project with the Maddox Group has brought together 12 NHS Charities who will pilot the tools Inspiring Impact will develop. We hope that this project will form a shared measurement approach that enables NHS Charities to speak collectively about the vital work they do supporting and improving patient and staff outcomes.

Ian Lush, CEO of Imperial Health Charity, said:

‘For any charity, knowing the difference your funding makes to your beneficiaries is important.  For NHS Charities, helping patients in hospitals at very vulnerable times in their lives, it is vital we can measure the impact of our work effectively, and see where we can really change things for the better.  Bringing together NHS charities through the Maddox Group and working with experts at Inspiring Impact will enable us to do so and we are excited about the difference this study will make to our strategy for the future.’

Chris Burghes, Chief Executive of The Royal Free Charity, added:

‘The Royal Free Charity, as a member of the Maddox Group, is keen to work with NPC in measuring the impact of the Charity and its services.  For us understanding where we can have the biggest impact within our hospital means we can allocate our resources more effectively and ultimately improve the patient experience for not only the Royal Free but across the NHS.’

NPC previously created a theory of change and measurement framework to build evidence of the impact of NHS Charities, which helped them recognise how much they have in common, despite differences in size and scope.  Now we are continuing to work with the group, with support from Inspiring Impact, to build on this work and develop the tools for a shared measurement approach across the sector.

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