Digital thinking

The Innovation and Development Team works to ensure that people, places and the planet thrive because they get what they need from the social sector and beyond.  The big question we are trying to explore is, What are tomorrow’s problems and opportunities for the social sector? How might innovations in technologies, tools and approaches help tackle and embrace them?

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Digital as a mindset. It is not just the tools and technology that and organisations uses, but it is the connections, cultures and ways of working.

The use of digital tools and ways of working offers limitless potential for charities to improve their effectiveness and their offering to beneficiaries. 

We want charities to have digital tools that allow them to learn and adapt. We will do this by finding gaps and opportunities within the social sector and producing insights and digital products that create significant impact for charities.

Our priorities

How we work is important​

  • Co-creating solutions with the sector: We want to use a range of user research and human-centred tools to research, prototype and develop products to fill gaps identified by the sector. ​
  • Sharing our insights: We will share thought leadership, innovation and policy, highlighting insights, emerging examples of leading practice and experimenting with new models. ​
  • Amplifying the work of others: to support charities to have the tools they need to help their users; work collaboratively whenever we can. ​
  • Engaging in debates around the ethics of the use of digital and technology: These are the issues that are going to shape our future, such as algorithms, automation, and commodification of personal data.

Our product promise

The 12 principles for making better products

  • 1. Find problems worth solving.
  • 2. Ask why before what.
  • 3. Work towards a vision over short term aims.
  • 4. Positive outcomes over features or internal priorities.
  • 5. Focus on inclusivity.
  • 6. Work together and reduce duplication.
  • 7. If we fail, we fail loudly.
  • 8. Move at the speed of trust.
  • 9. Ecosystem over ownership.
  • 10. Equity and an all boats rise approach.
  • 11. It is not just a product.
  • 12. Launch to learn, not perfection.
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