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NPC Ignites 2022 – Full programme

NPC Ignites 2022 is set to be another fantastic year, debating the hottest topics and hearing from the sectors leading industry figures.

Day one we’ll be debating the big themes facing charity and society, including the cost of living crisis with keynote speaker, Rocio Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Chief Economist, Which?, and a panel of charity leaders. We’ll also be exploring what the climate emergency means for social charities with NPC’s Head of Policy, Leah Davies. Take me to Day 1>

Day two will explore charities and state, including whether levelling up can succeed and what organisational model we need for successful campaigning. The day, where we will get the chance to meet in person, will be kicked off by Gavin Kelly, Chair, Resolution Foundation on navigating unprecedented economic change. Take me to Day 2>

Day three will ask, where next for philanthropy and grant-making? Debating what the future looks like for philanthropy. Jason Arthur, Director of Mission 44 will be kicking off day 3 by exploring the shifts in power in philanthropy and what more needs to happen, and NPC’s Chief Executive, Dan Corry will be continuing the discussion later in the day. Take me to Day 3>

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All times given are British Summer Time. More speakers to be confirmed.

Day 1: Tuesday 11th October (Online)

Charities and Society 

10am-12pm Surgery sessions – meet one to one with an NPC expert. Email us to reserve your spot.

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2pm: Welcome 

We kick things off with Angela Kail, NPC’s Director of Consultancy, who will set out the big themes for the day.

2.10pm: Opening presentation – The cost-of-living crisis and the social sector 

Our opening keynote from Rocio Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Chief Economist, Which? will set out the challenge ahead for the social sector. She will explore what is happening to people and how they are adapting to try and cope with the challenges they are facing.

2.40pm: What can the sector do to adapt to current trends and crises?

This panel session will build on our opening presentation to discuss how the sector is adapting to the unprecedented economic change we are facing. Panel members: Paul Farmer, CEO, Mind; Manny Hothi, Chief Executive, Trust for London; Kester Russell, Chair of Trustees, The Cowshed, Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive, The Carers Trust, Katie Ghose, Chief Executive, KIDS and Matthew van Duyvenbode, Chief Strategy Officer, Trussell Trust.

3.40pm: Break  

3.50pm: Breakout sessions

  • Towards an evidence-based sector: Doing more with data 

The sector should be doing more with its data, organisationally and collectively. Common language is a first step – how we can describe data that organisations use in their work, data they produce that others can use, and data about the sector as a whole. In this session we suggest an approach and seek input to develop that further. With Tom French, Founder, Sheffield Data for Good and Data for Action, Bethia McNeill, Chief Executive, Centre for Youth Impact, Tracey Gyateng, Community Data Principal, The Legal Education Foundation and  James Noble, NPC’s Associate Director of Data and Learning.

  • Strategy and leadership: The Strategy Peer Network @ NPC Ignites

‘Doing strategy stuff’ in social purpose organisations can often be a bit lonely, without a big team of peers to talk things over with. NPC’s strategy peer network has evolved as a helpful space for strategy folk to share their challenges, experiences and reflections. Now we’re opening the invitation to our Ignites attendees! This will be a facilitated discussion forum, with participants setting the agenda, sharing experiences and learning from others. This session might be for you if you’ve been thinking about the following, and want to share experiences with others:
–  How to shift from a fixed strategy to a more flexible, adaptive strategy
–  The role of prioritisation within strategy: lining up an ambitious strategy with a realistic workload
–  Involving internal and external stakeholders: balancing a collaborative approach with the risk of strategy fatigue

With Sally Bagwell, NPC’s Associate Director for Strategy and Leadership

  • The future of philanthropy: What funders need to know about developing a strategy positive for both people and the planet

In the future philanthropy needs to take greater action on our changing environment. That means that social funders must increasingly integrate environmental issues into their strategies and environmental funders must increasingly integrate social issues into their strategies. Join us to hear what work is already happening in this space and how you can make a difference. With Liz Gadd, NPC’s Principal for Strategy, Sian Ferguson, Trustee Executive, Sainsbury Family Charitable Trust, Emily Kerrmuir Director,  Savitri and NPC’s Trustee, Albert Tucker.

4.50pm: In conversation – What does the climate crisis mean for social charities?  

In this session we will be exploring what is the role of non-environmental charities in the climate crisis debate, particularly in light of the cost of living crisis. With Beccy Speight, Chief Executive, RSPB. 

5.20pm: Reflections from NPC chair  

5.30pm: Close 

Day 2: Wednesday 12th October (In-person & online)

Charities and the State 

Join us from 1.30pm to meet your fellow NPC Ignites delegates and chat with NPC colleagues.

NPC event attendees

1.45pm: Welcome

We kick things off with Leah Davis, NPC’s Head of Policy and External Affairs, who will set out the big themes for the day.

1.50pm: Opening presentation – Charities and the state 

In this session we will hear from the Becky Morrison, Director of Civil Society & Youth at DCMS on the role of the charity sector, particularly as we face a cost of living crisis.

2.10pm: Keynote presentation – Navigating unprecedented economic change 

Our keynote presentation from Gavin Kelly, Chair, Resolution Foundation will provide an overview of what is going on in the economy in both the short run and the longer run and what that means for the social sector.

2.30pm: Can levelling up succeed?   

Three years on since the government announced its ambitions to reduce geographic inequalities and ‘level up’ the UK, this panel will discuss how the government’s plans are progressing, what charities are doing as part of it, and whether the government can succeed in achieving the ambitious plans and missions laid out in the Levelling Up White Paper. Panel members: Roger Gough, Leader of the Council at Kent County Council; Will Tanner, Director, Onward 

3.20pm: Break 

3.40pm: In conversation – What model do we need for successful campaigning? 

Join Kathryn Dingle, Digital Product Manager, NPC and Campaign Co-Director, IC Change UK in a discussion on what model do we need for successful campaigning, charity vs social movement? with Paul Parker, Recording Clerk, Quakers in Britain and Antonia Bance, Head of Campaigns, Communications and Digital, TUC.

4.30pm: Question Time – Put your questions to our panel 

Peter Foster, Public Policy Editor for the Financial Times will be our chair and our panel this year is: Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive, Locality; Kathy Evans, Chief Executive, Children England; Naomi Hulston, Chief Executive, Catch 22; Sarah Vibert, Chief Executive, NCVO and Hera Hussain, Founder Chayn.

5.20pm: Reflections from NPC chair  

5.30pm: Close and networking

Join us at the end of the day to continue the discussion, chat with other NPC Ignites delegates and NPC colleagues.

Day 3: Thursday 13th October (Online)

Where next for philanthropy and grant-making?

10am-12pm Surgery sessions – meet one to one with an NPC expert. Email us to reserve your spot.

NPC event attendees

2pm: Welcome

We kick things off with Tris Lumley, NPC’s Director of Innovation and Development, who will set out the big themes for the day.

2.05pm: Opening presentation – Shifting power in philanthropy 

Jason Arthur, Director, Mission 44 will be kicking off our final day by exploring the shifts in power dynamics that we need to see in philanthropy in the UK.

2.30pm: What does philanthropy fit for the future look like? 

Building on the opening presentation our panel, representing different types of philanthropy, will be exploring what we should be seeing to make philanthropy fit for the future. Panel members include: Rommel Moseley, Executive Director, Croda Foundation; and Sufina Ahmad, Director, John Ellerman Foundation and Patricia Hamzahee, co-founder of GiveBLACK.

3.30pm: Break  

3.40pm: Breakouts 

  • Towards an evidence-based sector: Open source everything: not just software and data!  

A workshop exploring why open source is such a great fit for the social sector, and how we can overcome the many challenges to making everything we support as funders, or create as organisations, as open as possible. With Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation and Development, NPC, Marlous Lang-Peterse, Third Sector Lab, and Hera Hussain, Chayn.

  • Strategy and leadership: User-centred systems change

Mayday Trust have developed a different way of delivering support for people going through tough times. Not only that, they are also now trying to change the whole system around delivering that support. This approach to systems change is user-centered and service centered.  Discuss how to ensure users are at the heart of designing and building better systems with Seth Reynolds, NPC Systems Change Principal and Alex Fox OBE and Danielle Grufferty from Mayday Trust.

  • The future of philanthropy: Maximising impact through open philanthropy 

 A workshop exploring NPC’s work to put open philanthropy into practice. With Fran Perrin, Founder and Director, Indigo Trust, Tandy Nicole, Govan Community Project and NPC Trustee and Jane Dodson, NPC’s Open Philanthropy Programme Manager.

4.30pm: Shifting power in the social sector – Why assessing impact remains crucial

Dan Corry, NPC’s Chief Executive sets out why we need bottom up and top down approaches to make a more impactful social sector.

4.50pm: Closing presentation – Philanthropy in the US

Victoria Vrana, Deputy Director, Philanthropic Partnerships, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

5.20pm: Reflections from NPC chair 

5.30pm: Close


A great way to hear new ideas and information, and stimulate your own thinking

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