Our Work

Research & analysis

We’ve been researching social issues and delivering high quality analysis since we were founded in 2002. We produce research publications that create an impact externally, and carry out research to inform internal processes such as grant-making decisions or strategy development.

Our clients benefit from our institutional knowledge of key social issues, our track record in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and our unique overview of the charity and funding landscape. 97% of our clients in the last year say they would recommend us to others, and 1 in 2 have used NPC’s services before.

How we work with you

We support our clients in a range of ways—mapping services in a sector, establishing service user need, and researching the latest issues in the social sector.

We draw on a range of social research and consultative methods, including desk research, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and workshops. We can also work with you to research the best options for your cause.

In all of this, our focus is to understand your unique research question and to help you find the answers. We work flexibly with our clients to discover the best approach, engage stakeholders in the process, and provide support throughout.

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