Our Work

Strategy for funders

We’ve been advising donors and grant-makers since we were founded in 2002 and our clients include Arts Council, J.P Morgan, The Clothworkers’ Foundation and The Stone Family Foundation. We can work with you to create a cause briefing to inform your decisions about grants and donations. In addition, we bring insider-knowledge from our work with charities and social enterprises, and insights from our think tank activities.

97% of our clients in the last year say they would recommend us to others, and 1 in 2 of our clients have used NPC’s services before.

How we work with you

We support our clients in a range of ways—from a quick piece of research to a more complex strategy process. We draw on a range of models and frameworks, including theory of change which we pioneered in the UK.

In all of this, our focus is to understand your unique approach, to help you navigate tricky issues, and to answer the questions you are posing. We work flexibly with our clients to discover the best approach, engage stakeholders in the process, and provide support throughout.

Our strategy services for funders include:

  • Helping you think through your goals and objectives.
  • Identifying where your help is needed most and choosing a focus area.
  • Building your understanding of the issues you want to fund, including bespoke research.
  • Developing a giving strategy and helping you decide how to structure and deliver your funding.

Once you have identified a focus and developed a strategy, we can also help you manage your grant-making.

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