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Justice Data Lab

The Justice Data Lab is run by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and gives organisations working with offenders access to re-offending data. The information provided helps organisations to assess the impact of their work on reducing re-offending and also helps develop an understanding of effective rehabilitation.

In 2012 NPC surveyed criminal justice charities and the vast majority said they found the process of accessing offending data difficult. We proposed the creation of a Justice Data Lab to improve access to re-offending data, particularly for charities, and have worked with the MoJ and our expert panel since to make this a reality. The Justice Data Lab was launched as a pilot in 2013, and confirmed as a permanent service in 2015.

How does it work?

Organisations submit details of offenders they have worked with to MoJ and statisticians find them in the Police National Computer (PNC) and report back the aggregate re-offending rate and frequency of re-offending. MoJ also provides a re-offending rate for a statistically-matched control group, using a technique called Propensity Score Matching, to show more robustly if the intervention has made a difference.

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