Our Work


Why it matters

Digital technology is already transforming many aspects of how charities work, like our communications and campaigns. But the way we deliver our services has remained largely untouched by digital.

The charity sector could use digital to:

  • bring our products and services to more people
  • design products and services around people, so they get the support that is right for them
  • help people to navigate the different services and information they need

How we’ll get there

Individual organisations develop their internal skills, and access the external support they need.

The social sector works more collaboratively to use and develop tools that span organisations and social issues.

An enabling environment supports them, through legislation, incentives and funding.

What we’re doing

For individual organisations

We’re producing accessible guides and resources on topics like user research to data guidance.

For the social sector

We’re developing collaborative approaches to digital technology by

  • researching people’s lived experience and highlighting where tech could help
  • collaborating to prototype, test and develop new products
  • identifying existing technology solutions on which to build
  • establishing funding and investment pools to bring technology investors together

To create a wider enabling environment

  • work towards policy objectives
  • identify gaps in the sector’s infrastructure and explore ways to address them

Who we’re working with

NPC works with a number of partners across the tech for good sector, including NCVO, CAST, The Dot Project, Intersticia, Reason Digital, Hactar and has been supported by funding partners including the Zing Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Comic Relief and the Womanity Foundation.

We are keen to hear from groups of organisations that are committed to collaboration on digital technology—if that’s you, please get in touch.

Digital Transformation

Read more about our work on collective digital approaches to how the social sector operates.

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