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Government is one of the most important sources of funding for the charity sector, and charities have much to offer government funders. Both aim to improve lives and overcome social problems, and charities can offer innovative ways to tackle issues and take risks where government cannot.

Many charities are commissioned to deliver services for local or national government, using their unique knowledge and experience of particular issues and areas to deliver effective solutions to social problems.

How we can help

NPC helps government funders to work effectively with the charity sector to confront social problems. Whether by researching the best interventions to tackle a particular issue, measuring the impact of funding programmes, or thinking about how to improve the way the sector works with government, we can help you ensure every penny of public money has the biggest possible impact.

Our services

Bespoke research

Our bespoke research can help you make decisions about where to allocate your resources. We build on our extensive knowledge of the UK charity sector, and the issues it tackles. We can produce in-depth research, from assessing where the greatest needs lie to help you prioritise your funding, to scoping the potential for impact of new interventions.

Impact measurement

Measuring the impact of government funding helps you understand what works and what doesn’t, and where to focus your funds. NPC’s specialist measurement team can help with every area of impact measurement. Recent government projects have included evaluating funding programmes for the Office for Civil Society, developing new approaches to measurement for the National Offender Management Service (NOMs), and using NPC’s Well-being Measure with local government.

Transforming the charity sector

NPC’s mission is to transform the charity sector— channeling resources to the most effective organisations making the biggest difference to people’s lives. Alongside our client work, we carry out larger strategic projects which tackle the sector’s big issues, from improving the culture around impact measurement to increasing access to data. We work with government funders in many of these areas to help the charity sector fulfil its enormous potential  to solve society’s problems.

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