NPC produces high quality, independent research into the charity sector. Our reports explore how charities and funders are tackling the UK’s social problems and share lessons and practical insights.

Through the gate

In this collection of articles from 2005 to the present day, we highlight ways in which the criminal justice sector is changing in response to the new commissioning environment and how charities are assessing the impact of their services to improve what they do.

Beyond beans: food banks in the UK

Food banks are a divisive issue. For some, they offer a pragmatic response to local crisis situations. To others, they only exacerbate underlying problems. NPC’s briefing offers a neutral and informative overview of the food bank landscape, outlining the debate and providing options for people who are interested in supporting them.

Rebuilding the relationship between affordable housing and philanthropy front cover

Rebuilding the relationship between affordable housing and philanthropy

Affordable housing and philanthropy have a long established and productive relationship. Their social purposes are similar: both aim to invest for a social return and seek to use any financial surplus for the benefit of the community. However, the two sectors have steadily grown apart in recent decades.

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