Annual return for 2017: Consultation response

NPC’s submission to the Charity Commission’s open consultation on the information collected from charities in the 2017 Annual Return

It’s good to see the Charity Commission considering how to improve the annual return. Our view on this first stage of the consultation is that it provides a sensible set of recommendations. There is real potential, through a more fundamental review of the return, to improve transparency around charities’ activities.

But there are a few issues that we have picked up on in our response. A couple of the Charity Commission’s suggested changes risk creating a regulatory burden for some charities. We also have concerns about the proposed ‘themes’ used for targeting questions at the relevant charities. This method for sorting charities into different categories must be handled with great care, especially in the case of the terrorism theme where there is serious potential to unfairly target organisations based on their faith or ethnic background.

Download our full response, and share your thoughts with us via @NPCthinks.