Outcomes map: Local area and getting around

In this document, we break down the outcomes and indicators which can be used by social investors, charities, funders and social enterprises to measure the success of interventions around the local area and getting around.

Your local environment can influence your health and well-being, both in terms of physical environmental impacts and your perceptions of the environment. People who feel comfortable and are happy in their surroundings are likely to be more resilient to the adverse health effects of deprivation.

This overview looks at the local environment, including local industry, public transport, urban sprawl, feeling safe in your community, satisfaction with public services and cleanliness of your area, improved access to local facilities, and an increased supply of housing.


This is one of 13 outcomes maps produced by the SROI Network in partnership with NPC, Investing for Good and Big Society Capital. Each map examines a particular issue area or domain, and aims to document the relevant outcomes and indicators that are currently being measured by charities, government, academics and practitioners working in this field.

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