We believe that social and environmental philanthropists, charities and pressure groups must raise their voice together with communities to ensure the transition to our post-carbon economy benefits all groups across society.

At NPC we’re helping charities and funders step up their role in the transition to net zero, work together across social and environmental areas, and measure their impact.


The social sector’s role in the transition to net zero

We are working with strategic partners across the sector to ensure no community is left behind in the transition to net zero. Read more about this work.


The intersection of social and environmental issues

We believe social and environmental organisations must work together as we build back better after the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re encouraging conversations between the social and environmental sectors to enable each to further support and amplify each other’s work.

We’re supporting a range of funders and philanthropists to embed environmental giving into their portfolios, including developing their strategies and identifying potential grantees.

We’re working closely with our strategic partners to share how every philanthropist and funder can protect our environment and how philanthropists can support environmental issues. We’re highlighting areas of underfunding and opportunity to our funder clients, for example on the under-funded environmental determinants of mental health.


Articulating and communicating impact

We provide expert advice to social and environmental charities on their impact practice, including on theory of change for environmental programmes and on integrating environmental issues within social charities. Recent examples include supporting On The Edge Conservation in their set-up and impact practice and our evaluation of ClientEarth’s Forests Programme.

Environmental Expert Liz Gadd

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Got a question or comment? Find out more on how we can work together on the environment. Get in touch with Liz Gadd, NPC’s Principal for Effective Philanthropy.

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