Elliot Trevithick

Elliot is NPC’s Principal for Charities Evaluation and Learning. He is one of NPC’s experts on theory of change and measurement frameworks, with over 10 years of sector experience. He is passionate about data management and analysis, designing measurement in such way that it maximises usefulness and learning, while minimises reporting burden.

Elliot started his career as a third sector consultant at The Social Innovation Partnership, supporting charities, funders and other social organisations to measure and increase their social impact. More recently he was Head of Strategy and Research at the mental health charity Think Ahead.

He has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Warwick, and a MSC in Civil Conflict and Development from University College London (UCL).

Why I work for NPC

To try and lead the way in supporting charities to put in place practical, useful tools for learning and impact measurement.