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We place a theory of change at the heart of our approach as we believe it is an excellent basis for both strategy development and impact measurement. Our theory of change helps clarify both what changes we want achieve and how we intend to make these happen. We are about to update our theory of change, but you can read a previous version which maps at a high-level how we achieve change here (it will download in Powerpoint and open at the bottom of your screen).

We use our theory of change to identify outcomes to measure our progress against and to ensure our activities contribute towards achieving our desired impact. We track our impact in several ways, including through client surveys and follow up interviews, participant feedback forms from our training and events, indicators of engagement with our online resources, collating anecdotal evidence, and an annual survey of stakeholders and users of our resources.

Our annual reports contain information on our impact. You can also read some of what we have achieved in key areas of work in these pages:

We have published evaluations of work that we have led or been involved in—for instance Inspiring Impact, the Funder Network, and Data Labs (to be published soon). Case studies of some of our clients and partners give examples of the results of our work.

You changed the debate about impact, which is a good thing.

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