Our approach to pay

As the leading think tank and consultancy for the charity sector, we aim to attract staff from the not-for-profit sector, as well as the public and private sectors, and to pay our people accordingly.

NPC’s remuneration process is as follows:

  • The board is responsible for setting the chief executive salary.
  • The chief executive sets the salaries of the senior management team.
  • The senior management team, in conjunction with NPC’s HR consultant, sets all other salaries.
  • Pay is reviewed regularly and at least annually.

In setting salaries, the board, chief executive, and management team take into account the following principles:

  • Recruitment and retention: for NPC to achieve its mission and financial sustainability, we require high-calibre staff with a range of skills and disciplines. Remuneration packages take into account the market rates for comparable jobs in relevant markets.
  • Affordability: the impact on NPC’s financial health and overall business plan is always taken into account.
  • Performance: performance targets and objectives are assessed through the annual appraisal process and taken into account in remuneration where it is relevant.
  • Proportionality: the ratio of lowest to highest salary is monitored. As far as it makes business sense, we strive for parity across the organisation, so that employees at comparable levels in different teams receive similar pay.
  • Transparency: NPC follows SORP guidelines and lists in the annual report the number of staff earning £60,000 and above (in bands of £10,000). See below or our most recent annual report for more details.
2023 (No.) 2022 (No.)
£60,001-£70,000 - -
£70,001-£80,000 2 2
£80,001- £90,000 - -
£100,001-£110,000 1 1
  • Living Wage: NPC is an accredited Living Wage employer and does not hire unpaid interns.
  • Benefits: Staff at all levels have access to the same benefits, including pensions.