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Signpost+ is a collaborative programme working with communities, data folk, the social sector and beyond to ensure that young people find support when they need it.

We are exploring how to improve the quality of life for young people and communities, and the value that technology and data can bring to this. We have chosen to focus on young people as a key beneficiary, but this work is replicable to anyone.

So far, we have delivered a programme of desk research, user interviews, and workshops. Going forward, we will be building on this research and piloting the recommendations explored in our report. 

Next steps

As young people are our key beneficiaries for this research project, we recognise the importance of their voices in driving the direction and development of this project. We have created a user test group of young people across the UK to provide us with much-needed insight.     

The next phase of this project will consist of a series of test and learn sprints so that we can learn what works best for young people, increase our understanding of what they need, their main concerns, how best to match them to relevant services and build our capacity to adapt to a changing digital landscape with the introduction of AI.


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