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Examples of previous contributions

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Bringing new ideas and research

Promises to ‘level up’ raise expectations. Unless Johnson meets them, it spells trouble

The Times Red Box
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Charities crowded in affluent areas instead of where they are needed, says thinktank

The Guardian
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Charities more at risk because they subsidise public sector contracts

Civil Society
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Providing sector analysis

Covid financial crisis leaves charities having to ration services

The Telegraph
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U.K. Government Rescues Crippled Charities Sector

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Study reveals most effective ways to measure impact of youthwork

Children and Young People Now
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Giving expert advice

Fashion’s philanthropy play: Where should brands direct their good intentions for maximum impact?

Vogue Business
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Balancing today with tomorrow

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Reinvent your relationships with grantees, philanthropists urged

Third Sector
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Calling for change

We need a reset between charities and government

The Times
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Philanthropists, here’s how to keep charities serving

The Financial Times
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We must end injustice for women forced from homes

The Evening Standard

Unpacking the detail

As a think tank we bring our research, insights and expertise to the big issues in civil society. We seek to challenge philanthropists, the charity sector, and policy makers to achieve more for the people they serve.

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