As a charity think tank and consultancy, our mission is to change lives by helping charities, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, social enterprises, corporates, and the public sector to maximise social impact in the lives of the people they serve. We bring the following values to our work:

We value honesty, even when it’s hard

We aim to be a critical friend to the charity and philanthropy sector, spurring it on when it’s doing well, and using our independence to call it out when we know it can do better. We want our clients and the whole sector to succeed in their missions, so we’re not afraid to question those we work with. We encourage our staff to feel free to challenge, because we believe it’s only through discussion and open debate that we can challenge the status quo, highlight imaginative perspectives and stimulate bold thinking.

We care about evidence

We believe decisions should be based on evidence, and that the quality and integrity of evidence matters. We don’t take shortcuts to chase headlines, but work hard to uncover the details that matter, analyse them, and develop clear credible solutions which are grounded and workable. Our quality comes from our staff expertise; we seek to hire the best talent from all sectors and backgrounds.

We innovate

2020 proved how quickly the world can change, so we must be agile, humble, and open to learning if we are to stay ahead of the societal challenges change brings. We love to create, develop, and test new ideas and to learn from what works and what doesn’t. We don’t believe in change for change’s sake, but we do think we all need to get out of our comfort zone if we’re serious about social change.

We work with others

Charities and funders need to break out of their silos; ourselves included! We put collaboration at the heart by recognising the expertise of others through our partnership projects, open events, our new NPC Labs open innovation space, and through being a bridge between charities and funders. Collaboration must be for a purpose, not just for its own sake.

We’re committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity, in all its forms

Our sector exists to serve the powerless, yet too often our structures reinforce existing power dynamics. We want to see greater diversity and healthier power balances in the charity sector. We’re also working hard to improve NPC as a diverse, inclusive and equitable place to work, and to ensure our publications and events are accessible to all. We strive for a diversity of perspectives and experiences through our hiring, our events, and our partnerships.

In everything we do we strive to be clear, committed, passionate, bold, open, and imaginative. Our enthusiasm is deeply rooted in our passion for improving the lives of the people charities serve.

NPC stretched us, challenged us, kept us on track and made us realise what we are capable of.

Shonaig Macpherson
Chair of the Board, The Robertson Trust