Emma Pearson

Emma is a Consultant in the Research and Consulting team. She has worked with a range of third sector organisations in the STEM and disability spaces, in evaluation and impact measurement of their projects and schemes. Emma brings skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis to her work, in addition to experience developing theories of change for grant schemes.

Prior to joining NPC, Emma was Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer at a large scientific academy, where she was responsible for the development of data collection tools and processes used to provide evidence and insight into the progress of novel Grant Schemes against the Grants Strategy. In this role Emma developed theories of changes for two complex international grant schemes, providing clarity on the long-term project expectations and enabling the selection of appropriate KPIs. Emma also has experience in delivering workshops and presentations around theory of change and impact measurement, utilising her strong facilitation and communication skills to support achieving objectives.

As a Research Officer for a medical research charity she project managed the development of a symptom tracking app for up to 10 million users, working alongside clinicians and patients.

Additionally, for over 10 years Emma has volunteered with charities that support disabled people partaking in outdoor education, largely in a carer role.

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Why I work for NPC

I’ve worked in the charity sector in one shape or form for the past 10 years, however what I love about NPC is that I’m able to support multiple charities at once, in work that makes a significant difference to the diverse causes we support.