William Thomas

William works within NPC’s Research and Consulting team as a Researcher. He has written due diligence reports on a number of organisations on behalf of grant-makers and funders to ensure that money is distributed to the areas where it will achieve the most impact in the charity sector. He has facilitated a number of Theory of Change workshops to assist charities in achieving the change that they want to see in the world. And currently he plays a key part in NPC’s work with the MacArthur Foundation on the deployment and use of Catalytic Capital and has developed a keen interest in impact investing.

William brings a wealth of environmental and sustainability knowledge to the role through his attainment of an Environmental Sciences & Geology degree from the University of Bristol. William has a keen interest in sustainability and ways of combatting the climate crisis and supports both NPC’s work on the Everyone’s Environment programme as well as the FAIRR Initiative’s work in the ESG space.

Alongside his work at NPC, William is the current project manager of The Great Football Giveaway, a small organisation that distributes footballs to the poorest and hardest-to-reach regions of Africa in order to unite people and communities through the common language of football. He is currently organising the 2024 project due to take place in The Gambia.

Why I work for NPC

I work for NPC because it allows me to have a direct and tangible impact on the issues in the world that I am passionate about.

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