Where are England’s charities?

Are they in the right places and what can we do if they are not? Read our provocation paper.

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What we do

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Support individuals and organisations

Our team of charity experts works directly with individuals and organisations in the charity sector to improve the impact they have on their chosen causes. And we publish free charity research, insights and resources on topics like theory of change and measuring social impact so that others can benefit.

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Challenge and inspire the charity sector

We challenge, inspire and help the charity sector to do the best it can. We bring our charity research, insights and expertise to the key issues it faces, highlight best practice, and bring people together to find solutions.

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Create the conditions for impact

We know that the charity sector needs the right conditions to help it achieve change—the right policy, the right infrastructure, the right funding. So, we’re working to make this happen.

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Where are England’s charities?

on 16 January 2020

Are they in the right places and what can we do if they are not? In this provocation paper Dan Corry uses data to ask if the current distribution of charities around the country is what we would want in an ideal world and explores what government, funders and charities could do about it.

Alex Green

NPC Labs: Why we’re embracing open working at NPC

on 14 January 2020 , 5 minute read

NPC Labs is a sketchbook, drawing board and very ambitious to-do list all rolled in to one. A place where we can think out loud, debate new ideas and move from thinking on our own to thinking as part of a wider community.


A new era of openness to drive a more impactful civil society: NPC’s manifesto for the new government

on 25 November 2019 , 8 minute read

We must be open about how charities are performing, open about where funding goes, and open with the government-held data that charities could use to have more impact. Our manifesto for a more impactful charity sector sets out how the new government can make this a reality.


Four tips to write a good Theory of Change

on 11 December 2019

Every charity or funder needs a theory of change, but it's not always a simple thing to come up with. Here Margery Infield, NPC Consultant, shares some lessons from a recent Theory of Change training event.


Theory of change in ten steps

on 9 October 2019

This new guide is a ten step handbook to creating a theory of change, built on many years of developing them for charities and funders. It will teach you the basics, our core approach, with the information you need to do any theory of change.


Connections between homelessness and the criminal justice system

By Theo Clay and Margery Infield, NPC
on 20 December 2019 , 5 minute read

In this blog NPC Consultants Theo Clay and Margery Infield explore the links between homelessness and the criminal justice system.


State of the Sector 2020

on 31 October 2019

State of the sector, our comprehensive survey of the opinions of charity leaders is returning for 2020. Theo Clay, lead researcher on the project sets out what's changed, what's stayed the same, and what we hope to achieve.


What role can the social sector play in tackling the homelessness crisis?

on 14 November 2019 , 5 minute read

What can the social sector do to help tackle the homelessness crisis?

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Events & Training

Systems change at the frontline

On 29 April 2020, 9:45 am12:15 pm
at 356 Holloway Road

This Leading Impact seminar will explore the barriers faced by people trying to influence systems change, showcase real examples of systems change at the frontline and discuss what kind of strategies and leadership are needed to embed systems change approaches.

We have a team of around 40 staff, offering a range of industry knowledge and proficiency. Learn about their skills, experience, background and current work on everything from theory of change to philanthropy impact.

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