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7 great resources for small charities

By Sue Wixley 22 January 2016

If, like me, you’ve worked for charities both big and small, you’ll know just how different they can be. Size has an impact on how a charity operates, and being on the macro or micro end of the spectrum brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

That’s why NPC—itself a small-to-medium-sized charity—tailors some of its events and publications for small charities. Yesterday, we published two brand new guides for these organisations: one on trusteeship and a second on impact measurement.

We introduce our new guides below, along with some other brilliant,  free resources for small charities:

  1. Keeping it in proportion: Impact measurement for small charities—a guide on how small organisations can measure their impact in the most focused and efficient way (and this blog on why it matters).
  2. Trusteeship in small charities: Practical tips and advice—a paper exploring the board issues that are particularly relevant to small organisations.
  3. Read this blog and find out about The Charity Governance Awards 2016. The ‘Improving Impact’ category has an award specifically for organisations with three paid staff or fewer. Hurry! Entries close on 25 January 2016.
  4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme—a guide from nfpSynergy on fundraising for small organisations.  See also this upcoming event on what the new fundraising regulations could mean for small charities.
  5. How to manage your small charity’s finances—this article explores the most essential finance processes a charity should be adopting, and looks at how to make the most of free available resources.
  6. How should small charities handle communication work?—brings insights on how different communications specialists help small charities handle everything from marketing and events to PR and brand management.
  7. And don’t forget to check out the wide array of resources and events on offer from the Small Charities Coalition.

What’s missing? We’d love to hear what you’d add to this list.