A checklist with yes or no

Go/No-Go criteria for launch

By Kathryn Dingle 4 September 2019

Today we were discussing GO/No-go criteria for launch. This blog explores some of the topics and ideas we discussed.

Today we were discussing GO/No-go criteria for this subdomain.

A few things that came up were:

Analytics – do we really need Google Analytics?

We decided not to. We care about GDPR and want to only collect essential information about our users. We don’t want your data to be tracked or your personal information to be stored, so we have decide to opt for more ethical analytics, Fathom Analytics (other options are available, such as Simple Analytics by WordPress, but Fathom was the most suitable for our needs.)

What do we actually care about when collecting data from users?

We know that we aren’t interested in getting a huge number of people to the website. We are more interested in how people are interacting with the website, so the bounce rate and session duration on a website tell us more about what is working well and what isn’t working so well.

How we frame the website?

Currently we have been talking about digital only projects and ideas. We were discussing whether this site should be a home for all our innovative ideas or whether it should just host our digital thinking. This is a big discussion and one that we can’t decide overnight. For now we are focusing on digital but we may branch out in the future, so watch this space!

Good enough, is good enough

A lot of our discussions have come back to the idea of trying to make things perfect and ‘launch ready.’ We keep catching ourselves and checking on whether this really is essential for launch. Everything on a website can be change in a flash. It isn’t a permanent record of our thinking like the reports we are used to publishing. It is very easy to move back into the comfort of waiting until we are 100% happy with everything but we are getting better at questioning the importance of things and just trying stuff!