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How do charities work with prisons in 2019?

10 May 2019

The work charities do in prisons is not widely understood or appreciated but it is vital both to the smooth running of the prison estate and the happy productive lives of the people in prison, both inside and once they get out.

At NPC we’ve been trying to understand what makes for an effective relationship between charities, prisons, and the wider justice system at a time when the system itself is increasingly under pressure.

In 2019 we’ve explored the immense challenges charities face trying to reach people in prisons and the difficult lines they must walk as they try to change the system for the better.

In June, we will be releasing a document summing up this phase of our research and, before that, two of the researchers who have worked on the project, Grace Wyld and Theo Clay sat down with the NPC podcast to discuss some of the key points they found so far.

Listen below for discussion of the tricky ‘double-access’ problem charities face, the difficulties of reaching people in prison at the right time and the power of organisations on the ground to change the system.



If you would like to attend the launch of the next piece of research on London on the 17th of June please contact events@thinknpc.org.