A screenshot of miro

Introduction to Miro resources

Using Miro

The My Best Life team have been running virtual design sprints. We decided to use online software Miro to run the sessions. Miro is the online collaborative whiteboarding platform that enables teams to work effectively together, from with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. The software was new to the team, so we have created some resources to help everyone get up to speed. We wanted to share these resources, so that others can benefit from them too.


Below are some quick resources that the team have created as an introduction to using Miro.

If you are planning to run a session using Miro:

Please make a copy of the board, so everyone can use it. Then move the authorship to your team, so your team all have access. Then it’s all yours to play around it. This is important because if you don’t it will not allow others to use it!  I have added this to the template too.

We would love to hear how you have used Miro and how you found the resources!