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NPC needs you: influence our support

By Kathryn Dingle 18 February 2021

We are interested in exploring how a theory of change can support learning and adapting within organisations.

Learning and adapting isn’t easy. What if there was a digital product and/or community to help people use a ToC to learn and adapt throughout their organisation?

We’re doing some user research to understand the key opportunities and challenges facing the sector around measuring how you make a difference and using of the Theory of Change to support learning.

This research will help guide our decision making on new digital products, tools or services.

Can you help?

We are looking to interview people who work/volunteer for service delivery charities and campaigning organisations who already have a theory of change. The interviews will be 30 – 45 minutes and take place on Zoom (or similar) with a member of the NPC team.

We realise this is a busy time, but any time you can spare to answer a few informal questions would be hugely appreciated.

Get in touch

If interested, please email Please share your contact details and the type of theory of change you have (e.g. whole organisation and/or project theory of change).