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The Open Philanthropy Toolkit

By Jenny Lowthrop 20 September 2022

Our Open Philanthropy project is reaching a pinnacle moment as we complete recruitment for our two panels and group of advisors. The panels will be working out how and who will receive a share of the £570k funding available for organisations, projects and people in the area of financial hardship. It could not be timelier, given the current cost of living crisis.

There are still a couple of spaces available on our panels, so if you know anyone who might be interested or have some suitable experience and expertise please do get in touch. You can find out more about what we are looking for in our last blog.

While work continues on our pop-up foundation and the meetings and decision for the funding, we have started work on our toolkit.


The Open Philanthropy Toolkit

The Open Philanthropy project will culminate in a toolkit that will share resources, knowledge and best practice in areas of open practice. We want to ensure all our learnings from the project are shared, to help other organisations, funders and charities to practice more open practices in giving and philanthropy.

The information to be included is up to you! We already have a lot of information from our research and the project so far, but want to ensure we are creating a toolkit that is fit for a range of needs and organisations.

One of the key things we are researching is what format the toolkit might take. It could be a series of written information or videos or podcasts. Or it could be a checklist, a case study, or a process that helps people work through how to become more open. It may well be a combination of all of these, but whatever format the toolkit takes or the key information to be included, we want to make sure it is based on user research and feedback.

Can we interview you?

To help us ensure we are including the right information, in the right format in our toolkit and being inclusive to all we want to interview you.

It will only take about 20-30 minutes and we will ask a few questions around Open Philanthropy and how you like to consume information and learn.

Our user research aims to learn:

  1. To better understand how key audience members consume information
  2. To understand their key interests in Open Philanthropy and the types of information and capabilities they would want to know
  3. To get a clear idea of what’s stopping organisations from using more open philanthropy practices and how or what could help.

If you are a philanthropist, funder, fundraiser or anyone who works in or is interested in learning and practicing more Open Philanthropy methods we want to hear from you.

Please email and we will arrange a time to chat to you on the phone or video call.