The challenge

Womankind supports women’s movements to strengthen and grow, including through technical support, communications, connectivity and shared learning, advocacy platforms, and funding opportunities. Womankind are increasingly focusing on capacity building and advocacy, and asked NPC to help develop an evaluation approach for this work.

The approach

First, we helped Womankind unpack the kinds of improvements in partners’ awareness, skills, and impact they support through capacity building. We did this across different aspects of women’s movement building, including feminist leadership, resilience, coordinated action, and engagement. Our team then made recommendations for a measurement framework for Womankind’s capacity building work, as well as the organisation’s direct advocacy activities. NPC also developed two surveys—one for Womankind’s partners (new and existing), and one for their wider stakeholders.

The result

Womankind now has a framework for evaluating its core activities going forward. Feedback and outcomes data will inform the ongoing development of its capacity building and advocacy work, while also feeding into future impact reports to provide a clearer picture of what has changed or improved as a result of its activities.

Womankind worldwide logo

The NPC team was really good to work with… exploring challenging issues, breaking new ground in our work on movement strengthening, and suggesting ways forward for us to build on.

Sarah Masters

Director of Policy, Programmes and Learning , Womankind Worldwide