Our Work

Our Work

NPC is in a unique position to understand and influence the charity sector. Our team brings the practical insights and knowledge we have gained over 15 years advising charities, social enterprises, grant-makers, donors, and corporate clients.

We combine this with our perspective as an independent think tank, which gives us an overview of future trends, the latest thinking on how to improve the impact of charities and their funders, and insights on the issues that matter to the sector

We’re a registered charity and we share your passion for making the efforts, energy, and resources of charities go further.

Our services

Whether we’re helping charities or funders with their strategy, creating a theory of change or co-developing an impact measurement framework, our clients benefit from our ability to work flexibly, our insider knowledge of the sector and the perspective we can offer as a ‘critical friend’.

Our programmes

We develop, explore and test solutions to overcome challenges and work with partners to catalyse change across the sector in practice and in policy so that the whole sector can achieve a greater impact.

Think tank

As the independent think tank for the charity sector, we bring our skills to bear to identify the obstacles holding the charity sector back and preventing it from maximising its impact.

Who we work with

Our clients and partners come from all corners of the charity sector in the UK and beyond: from Arts Alliance to the Youth Justice Board, Ministry of Justice to Mind, Bertelsmann Foundation to Nomura.

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