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2020 charity redundancies monitor

Throughout 2020, we have been collating publicly available information about redundancies, both those that have occurred and those under consultation, in the charity sector.

The timeline and graphs below indicate the scale of the crisis affecting the sector, so funders and philanthropists can target their giving and policymakers can better understand where the sector is struggling.


Click here if the timeline isn’t working. If you are aware of an omission, an error or a new announcement get in touch.

The timeline illustrates when each redundancy was announced, including information about why, and divides the charities into different causal areas. Below, you can see a graph charting the overall number of redundancies over time.

We endeavour for this resource to be as accurate as possible but we recognise that we are relying on public announcements, which means we may miss some redundancies made without an announcement and we may have simply missed some announcements from 2020. To mitigate these limitations, we ask that people get in touch if they are aware of a redundancy announcement from 2020 or if there is an error.

We would like to thank the many people behind the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign, by sharing data with us they have helped make this resource possible.