Evidence and outcomes resources: Refugees and immigrants

We have sourced some helpful links for organisations working with refugees and immigrants. You may find these useful in planning and carrying out your outcomes data collection, or in understanding the evidence base for your model. The advice includes: 

  • Existing research and evidence in your sector to help you establish what evidence already exists. This will help you understand the extent to which you need to collect outcomes data yourself, or how rigorous your methodology needs to be. 
  • Existing outcomes frameworks and data collection tools developed by academics or leading charities in the field. The benefit of using an existing framework or measure is that you don’t have to spend time and money developing your own, and you can be more confident in the quality. The downside is that it is not tailored to your organisation, so some outcomes or data collection tools may not be suitable for your context or the people you work with. 

Please note that these resources were not identified through an exhaustive review. 

Research and evidence 



What Works for Improving Refugee Outcomes in High-Income Countries? Policy Insights for the UK  A review focused on what works in terms of improving the outcomes of refugees, particularly the potential of early interventions (The University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), 2021).  


Facts and statistics on refugees and asylum  Headline facts and information about refugees and asylum (Refugee Council). 


Briefing: Asylum and refugee resettlement in the UK  This briefing examines asylum and refugee resettlement in the UK. It presents data on the number and characteristics of asylum seekers and resettled refugees, the success rate of asylum applications, and the impact of COVID-19 (The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, 2021). 


My View – Evaluation Report  Evaluation of a DfE funded pilot project offering direct services and advice to separated children and those involved in their care (Refugee Council, 2016). 


Frameworks and data collection tools 



Home Office Indicators of Integration  This indicators framework provides practical ways to design more effective strategies, monitor services and evaluate integration interventions (Home Office, 2019). 


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