HIV/AIDS in Africa: A brief overview of global context

This report is aimed at donors who wish to fund projects to help those affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa, suggesting how they might channel their funds most effectively.

Of the 38 million people infected with the HIV virus around the world, 25 million live in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2005, two million people in that region died from AIDS. Many families have lost their breadwinners to the disease, plunging communities into poverty, and leaving behind millions of children without parents.

Did you know?

  • Before HIV and AIDS, life expectancy in Botswana peaked at 62. It is now 37.
  • Around 12 million children in Africa have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

Funding this complex and rapidly changing issue in a foreign country is far from straightforward. Few donors or funders are in a position to dedicate in-country resources to support their grant-making. The report advises donors on how they can target their resources most effectively.

The scale of the problem is so huge. It was fine seeing NGOs who would turn up to help sick families, you’d think at least something was happening. What was tough was that on the other side of the hill the same thing was happening but no-one turned up.

Iona Joy, report author