NPC’S MANIFESTO 2015 | A vision for change

It will take new thinking to make sure civil society is healthy and thriving post-2015. As we approach the general election, our manifesto sets out a series of proposals for change to build a more vibrant and effective charity sector.

Steps to building a more vibrant and effective charity sector

Politicians like to talk up the charity sector and celebrate the benefits it brings to society; and so they should. Their work on the ground is as vital as ever, which is why it’s so important that politicians do more than just celebrate our charity sector. They need to support it in practical ways and promote best practice too.

As we approach the General Election 2015, we’ve produced this manifesto to outline a vision for what this could look like. It is focused on ways to improve the impact of the charity sector, enabling charities to most effectively realise their goals and make a lasting difference for their beneficiaries. This is the reason NPC was founded over ten years ago, and it remains our driving mission today.

Our manifesto identifies four distinct areas where government and civil society can work together to make the charity sector stronger:

  • Funding impactful local charities, so they help the most vulnerable and work to create a better society.
  • Supporting innovation, so that the most is made of limited resources.
  • Building trust in charities, by making sure they are effective and transparent.
  • Making public services commissioning fairer, so that charities can compete on a level playing field.

It includes proposals for the government, Big Lottery Fund, Big Society Capital and the Charity Commission—which we look forward to discussing further and taking forward in the run-up to the election and beyond.

If you’d like to comment on our manifesto, join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #visionforchange.