Outcomes map: Finance and legal matters

Financial and legal problems can emerge in almost any aspect of our lives and occur for a wide variety of reasons. In this document, we break down the outcomes and indicators which can be used by social investors, charities, funders and social enterprises to measure the success of an intervention in this area.

Financial and legal problems can emerge in almost any aspect of our lives and occur for a wide variety of reasons: if our relationships break down, if we lose our job or have problems at work, if we find ourselves in debt, or if we experience health problems.

Financial matters refer to the knowledge and ability to understand and manage finances. Within this definition, outcomes include attitudes towards financial matters, access to products and services, how individuals use services, and local availability of services. This also includes being able to open a bank account, being able to get hold of credit, and being able to plan for the future.

Legal matters refer to knowing your rights, obtaining access to advice, support and representation, and using legal advice and its results. Outcomes also include influencing policy-makers. Legal matters can refer to a wide spectrum of activities and outcomes, relating to almost any aspect our lives. Defining specific outcomes of legal advice rely on having a point of reference, for example in relation to a family or employment dispute.

Financial and legal issues can affect anyone. Family, debt, work and housing can all be sources of problems which require advice and support.

Most of the interventions surrounding financial and legal matters involve providing information, advice, support and guidance in their various forms. Charities also seek to influence the policy, legal and regulatory environment through lobbying and campaigning.


This is one of 13 outcomes maps produced by NPC in partnership with the SROI NetworkInvesting for Good and Big Society Capital. Each map examines a particular issue area or domain, and aims to document the relevant outcomes and indicators that are currently being measured by charities, government, academics and practitioners working in this field.

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