NPC is a charity think tank and consultancy. We help charities, foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, social enterprises, corporates, and the public sector to maximise social impact in the lives of the people they serve.

We do this by:

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We support individuals and organisations

Our charity experts can help with anything from individual advice, to one-off research projects, or large-scale programmes and learning partnerships. Regardless of size, whether you’re a charity, foundation, philanthropist, social enterprise, business, impact investor, or public sector organisation, our insights can help you improve your social impact. Where appropriate, we publish what we learn through our free resources on topics like theory of change and measuring social impact, so others can benefit.

We run regular training events to help you with topics like theory of change, impact measurement, and data.

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We challenge and inspire philanthropy and the charity sector

We bring our charity research, insights and expertise to the big issues in civil society. We uncover best practice and bring people together to find solutions.

Many charities struggle with vital operational issues like governance and corporate partnerships, impact measurement, strategy and theory of change. We explore these challenges and how to overcome them. We research the evidence and gather different perspectives. Then we develop ideas and solutions to inspire change.

Through research, opinion pieces, topical events and our annual NPC Ignites conference, we confront the big questions and provide a platform for insight and challenge.

We create the conditions for impact

Many things affect charities’ ability to make a difference. The charity sector needs the right conditions to help it achieve change; the right policy, the right infrastructure, the right funding. Often these challenges are beyond any individual charity’s control. So we’re working to improve structures like:

Charities and funders are impacted by the policies of central and local government. We want to create a policy and regulatory environment that supports the charity sector to do its best work. Including:

  • How central government affects charities and funders
  • What the Charity Commission does to encourage impact
  • How commissioners can work well with the charity sector
  • The relationship between charities and public services

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of our supporters. Find out more about how you can support our work to transform the sector.

NPC sits at the nexus between donors and charities. This space is largely uncharted in the UK and inevitably NPC has the role of translator and, sometimes, mediator. This is a positive role, even if the messages are sometimes uncomfortable for each audience to hear.

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