Weeknote w/c 17th May 2021

What we did

  • We prepped and ran a Zoom meeting with a large group of young people from across many of Lambeth’s groups, such as the Lambeth Youth Council and the Lambeth Young Advisors programme. Some had already seen the app, whereas others were new to the project. We sought their feedback on the updated version of the app, any new features they still wanted to see, and our new logo.

What we’re thinking about

This week, we’ve focused on recruitment for our in-market testing. We’re exploring the different ways to connect and engage a wide range of young people, from those who access services and are confident to speak to us via Zoom, through to those who don’t generally engage with charities and/or would find speaking to us on Zoom a scary prospect. To date, our recruitment has focused on publicising the opportunity across a wide range of different networks and settings, and the option to bring a friend who doesn’t really engage with charities, but we are now exploring fully remote options too.


When we asked young people in our Zoom meeting what new features they wanted to see in the app, one popular option was the ability to chat to other young people on the app. They noted that sometimes young people are hesitant about going to a new service because they don’t know what to expect from the social side of things—so being able to ask people what it’s like, or to get to know the people they’d be meeting in advance, would therefore be a bonus. However, this does raise the issue of safeguarding. If we did include this feature in a future iteration of the app, we would need to build in some method by which the young person would prove their identity.

Wins from this week

  • We have a logo! Thanks to our Young Person Steering Group and the design expertise of Rachel Harding from Neontribe, we now have a logo for My Best Life. Take a look here.
  • We received some really positive feedback from the young people in Lambeth’s groups. The ones who had seen the app before were pleased with the changes we’d made and happy that we’d taken their comments and acted on them.