Rose Anderson

Rose is a Researcher in NPC’s Research and Consulting team. She is involved with a variety of projects, developing theories of change for charities, conducting research on effective funding and assisting in the delivery of workshops. Her interests include systems change, governance, diversity and inclusion (especially in relation to gender and disability) and the arts.

Rose graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2019 with a BA Hons in Philosophy, specialising in ethics and political philosophy. Her final-year essay examined what would be the most just response to global poverty.

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Why I work for NPC

I have always had the desire to make a positive difference to others, and working for NPC allows me to fulfil this desire by helping both charities and funders to be more effective. NPC has also afforded me the chance to work with a wide variety of organisations. I enjoy being able to combine my love of research with my passion for helping others.

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