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Evaluation and Learning with Sport England

What are Sport England doing? 

Sport England have launched a 10-year vision called ‘Uniting the Movement’, that aims to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity. The vision has four aims: 

  • increasing activity 
  • decreasing inactivity 
  • narrowing inequalities in sport and physical activity 
  • improving the experiences of children and young people 

But this vision isn’t just about specific projects to get people more involved in sport. It’s about taking a complex systems approach – looking at the root causes of problems and how they are connected. (Find out more about taking a systems approach.)  

To change the system, Sport England are working with and investing in over 125 other partner organisations across the country. They include bodies who are governing and delivering sport, locally-led active partnerships, and organisations from outside the world of sport.  

What are NPC doing? 

NPC are one part of the consortium providing evaluation and learning for Sport England’s work with partners.  

  • Ipsos are leading the team, and tracking and assessing the collective impact of this work. 
  • Sheffield Hallam’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre are the academic advisory partners.
  • NPC are helping partners improve their work – supporting them to continually review, reflect, and change what they do and how they do it.   

This project will run from 2023 until 2028. NPC’s work will include:  

  • Building partner organisations’ capabilities and confidence in evaluation and learning, through guidance on best practice and how to drive improvement. 
  • Facilitating regular learning exchanges, where partner organisations can share and learn from each other’s experiences and new ideas. 
  • Assessing partners’ capacity, and provide them tailored support where needed. 

If you’d like to find out more about our work on this project, please get in touch 


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