A life less ordinary: People with autism, a guide for donors

Autism is a complex condition, with no clear cause or treatment. Around one person in every hundred is thought to have autism, ranging from prisoners to PhD students.

NPC’s report, A life less ordinary, explores the issues surrounding autism and how it affects people’s lives.

Did you know?

  • 4 out of 10 children with autism have no friends.
  • Only 6% of adults with autism are in full-time employment.

The report highlights areas where donors can make the biggest difference, including:

  • Research into what causes autism, and ways to improve the lives of people with the condition
  • Helping children learn skills to make the transition from school to adulthood easier
  • Supporting adults with normal and high IQs, who often have trouble fitting into normal services, but are rarely eligible for specialist help, and
  • Giving parents and people with autism practical support and advice to help them fight for the services they are entitled to.

 One autism helpLine told us about a call where the telephone operator could hear a wailing in the background, like a fire alarm. The caller told them “That’s my son, he’s been making that noise for 72 hours. I didn’t know who else to call”.

Adrian Fradd, report author